The world's gone crazy, they say. Well I don't think it's different. What's different is our awareness. This has led to mostly bad things but I can't honestly say it's all bad. #MeToo held accountable men who had never been held accountable. #BlackLivesMatter has alerted us to systemic racism and police brutality that was admittedly not on my radar. I always knew that women were paid less and that cops were less forgiving to black people, but I definitely did not realize how prevalent and severe these problems were and are.

To those like myself who grew up in the 90's, we were naïve. Diversity was celebrated in public school spaces; at least the ones I grew up in. I do live in a left-leaning community, so I'm sure that played into it. Either way, my impression growing up was that Martin Luther King Jr ended slavery and we all have equal rights now, yay team USA.

My understanding of the world as a 33 year old in 2021 is much different. I think what's been fascinating to me is the power of the collective. Bad actors or not, there's power behind a movement of like-mindedness. Positive change can happen. But so can events like Charlottesville, VA and the insurrection at the capital building.

A lot of important conversations are happening, and I'm glad they are. I wonder what it all means and what role I need to play now and in the future. I want to positively impact the world. That's never changed. I just wish I could figure out how best to work towards that.

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