Society has decided with finality all of morality for us. The thought police are everywhere, especially within our closest circles. Nobody is safe. Nobody is free to think independently. You better not press against the status quo. You better fall in line.

You sure as hell better not make a mistake. And you better not have ever made a mistake. It will be found out, and it will be revealed. And you will disappear into the void. If you surface again, they will know.

If a person is sorrowful for their mistake, works tirelessly to fix it, and tries to press forward, they will not be congratulated. Instead, their identity, activities, and locations shall be forever guided and monitored. Permission must be granted to do just about anything. The things you need to do to progress within society will be extremely limited. You can't go online freely, so you can't get an education. You can't get hired for jobs other than crap. You can't rent a place to live.

And certainly if you sympathize in any way with the person who is in this predicament, you are just as evil as they are.

I'm a dirty sympathizer, I guess. My brother committed a horrible crime at one point in his life, but he's a good person. Fucking weird right? That somehow, a human could be flawed. Whoa.

The system gives me similar limitations. My crime being that I'm disabled. I'm not allowed to save over $2,000 at any point else I risk a loss of health insurance, which I desperately need.

Forever trapped in poverty.

The land of the free.

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