hello, again

What have I been up to for like, 6.. 7 years? Asked nobody, but that fact aside...

Well there was this period of sad events. Then there was this period of darkness. Then there was insanity. Then there was a period of healing. Now, things are pretty alright. But MAN.

Vague? Yeah intentionally. All you need to know is life unfolds. And things are pretty good these days. That said, I've been in my COVID dungeon quite long enough, and I'm venturing back into the social wild. Partly meaning that I'm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter again- with my real identities. I am a social person and I really miss having people in my life.

Part of my willingness to get back on these platforms is my feeling that I have broken social media's hold on me. I understand the importance of mostly focusing on the more immediate relationships; as in, not the ones where the only interaction is they tapped 'like'.

During my anti-social public disappearance, I've really connected with my moment. I've typed a lot about that, but it's significant. There is nothing that should be a higher priority.

That said, I also need to get myself back out there. I need to at least be findable if someone tries! So yeah, I'm back. I have no desire to download these as apps on my phone, and I'd still prefer a damn e-mail, but I'll take what I can get.

I'm not abandoning Mastodon or Pixelfed or anything either. I don't intend to be particularly super active on ANY of these social media platforms, but I'll always favor the federated ones.

Recent life things? Had eye surgery for the fourth time. I've lost 25+ lbs doing the keto lifestyle, and I'm actually feeling pretty good for the first time in many years due to a mixture of being on the right meds and lots of painful (yet important) inner-work. I feel like I can accomplish my goals and that I am able to do anything.

I think it really took all this garbage to happen to get my mind right. I lament some losses, but there have been many gains. My life may not be as exciting as it was, but it's far more intentional and meaningful. I feel like my true self. And I love that feeling.

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