Narcissism reigns (a rant)

From every corner of society, there is no longer a need to care about others. “You take care of you and yours,” they say. Self-care, emotional maturity, something or other, yada yada.

Obviously self-care is important, but if it accounts for 100% of your life, odds are you’re not truly living. The missing component is the glorious comeback. If you aren’t giving of yourself to the world, you’re probably not making a difference in it.

This ties so heavily into other areas, like political activism. My peers seem to equate sharing a social media post with actual, on the ground, grassroots activism. I had a “radical” friend always bragging about punching nazis while tweeting all day and playing Dark Souls (for the billionth time) all night long. Did he actually punch nazis? Doubt it. Does that make systemic change anyway? no… as fun as it may be.

…and that’s the other thing. They aren’t joining long-standing activist groups, they just come and ruin demonstrations by the activists who understand better how to strategically organize. If there is no method to the madness you can’t accomplish squat,

It’s funny how similar all of this is to everything else. When I was a Christian I got frustrated nobody wanted to help anybody. When I was a promoter I got frustrated because the bands wouldn’t even promote their own shows. It seems this generation is allergic to work and allergic to the concept of doing something that’s not just self-beneficial (but we don’t do self-beneficial things either, that requires work).

Grumpy millennial out.

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