Not a secret

Okay, so I have a pseudo-name and care about data privacy. But I am not a private person. I'm not in hiding, doing anything nefarious, or really even politically involved (at this stage in my life). I left Facebook and Instagram and whatnot, but I didn't stop posting online. My photos are on #Pixelfed, including my face and pictures of family members. My “tweets” are on #Mastodon. My messenger is on #Matrix. My blog is on I have a website to easily access this information, I have an e-mail address, I have a phone number, and I even have a fax number.

BUT: you wouldn't guess it by the sheer and utter lack of communication I now get from my social media “friends”. I'm not talking about people I've met online (I don't even know how to meet people online these days waves crooked staff in the air), I'm talking about people I've known for a l – o – n – g time; as long ago as grade school.

Social media has turned us into robots. We communicate with folks' social media alter-egos, but not actual humans. What gets attention is what is repeated... and repeated... and repeated... and repeated. This is why you keep seeing the same clap-back self-congratulatory bullshit posts 1,000 times per day on those platforms. Want to melodramatically post about relatable yet minor inconveniences? Social media has an audience for you! Or even lazier, post about American politics, since we have condensed all understanding of how the world should work into only 2 streams of thought.

Is it hard to stay off of big social media? Yeah, at first.

I think I've been addicted to it. I've let it warp my mind. I've let it destroy actual real human relationships. For me, and likely for many others, social media has wrecked my social life to the point that I no longer have one.

The good news is that I am reclaiming my life now, thanks to a great psychiatrist and the right meds, and thanks to positive life choices like detoxing from #bigsocial. I LOVE feeling like I'm present in the moment again. There's no better feeling in this life than the one that assures you you're actually living.

What will be difficult is adapting to the lo-fi version of making new friends, something I'm not wonderful at. I'm not unlikable or anything but I lack confidence and people can smell the fear on me. 👃

The solutions to my issues are multi-faceted and require a lot of patience and trial/error, because I have so many. But I'm finally seeing progress. And progress gives me hope for the future. <3

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30-something, he/him, pnw. “Retired” show promoter and scene kid, a not-very-good gamer, depressed most of the time. I'm big into music, animation (old Nickelodeon), spooky things, self-care, and my family.