K V V P Λ . B ᄂ Ө G


CW: chronic illness, depression, same shit as usual.

Right now I am sitting in the backseat of my blue Kia Soul. Both my parents and myself are on our way to #Spokane, Washington for the next 4 days. We just made it through the beautiful #Snoqualmie Pass and we're still a few hundred miles away.

Illness has hit my family in a bunch of ways in recent years, not excluding my dad who had a stroke and has to wear a urinary catheter now due to an enlarged prostate. The typical prostate procedure is kind of dangerous but luckily I found a newer one (Prostatic Artery Embolization, or PAE) that isn't as risky, so we are on our way to make it happen for him and hopefully improve his quality of life.


CW: #trauma, #prescriptiondrugs, #therapy, #marijuana, #depression, #anxiety, #adhd.

Today, I am doing something I have long put off: I'm seeing a #psychiatrist (yep, that's right. I air out everything. It's truly a sickness of mine).

I'd be dishonest if I ignored the fact that the last 5+ years of my life have been awful. There's all the typical “Joey shit” going on; bitterness about the past, not knowing what path to take next, self-loathing- BUT there's 5 years of really, really, really traumatic stuff layered on top.