The Quesadilla Shakedown

There used to be a venue in Western Washington that was host to a vibrant alternative music scene. That's not what this is going to be about, because that place died when the shows died.

This is about a Dilla worker who decided to treat my family and I like garbage today. I don't really need to recap the details. Simply: we were unexpectedly treated viciously and unfairly by a complete stranger.

It was so bizarre for so many reasons. His lips were quivering, his hands were shaking, his words weren't coming out right. The only two scenarios that make sense to me are 1) he was jonesing for a fix, or more realistically 2) he had a miserable day and the straw broke the camel's back.

I'm not excusing this man in the least. We did not deserve what happened to us, and the rightful result is the establishment will never profit from us again. But it did make me think of the times in my life where I was in his shoes, and did the same shit. Totally at my wits end, unleash on someone who perhaps only so much as inconvenienced me.

There's no victory here tonight. I will never see that magical venue the same way again. They'll stop receiving my business and my recommendations. Uncontrolled, unchecked emotion just has this tendency to destroy everything. The ego is so stubborn it prefers pain and loneliness over defeat and humility.

So I reflect on how hurt I was. In turn, I reflect on the fact that I have likely made someone feel that same hurt. The “just like me” meditation.. I learned about it today, only because I was trying to calm down from this confrontation.. it's about saying a thing about the person you have a problem with, and then following it up with “just like me”.

Example: this person who harmed me, desires to be happy in life- just like me. Or maybe more to the point: this person who harmed me exploded at someone because their stress threshold was crossed... just like me.. just like I have also done at some point in my life.

I was him once. I hope this reminds me that I don't want to be that guy again.

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