the real-real

I still be out here vomiting emotions onto a blog on the internet. Not many people seem to do much of that these days. There's this constant striving to show your life in a joyous light instead. Look at these great smiling happy photos! Look at these successes! Look at these interesting things that I do! Look how strong and tough I am, with my public opinions and powerful statements.

What if I told you that I thought vulnerability was strength? Admission of fault was powerful? What if I'm more inspired by what makes a person cry than what causes them to pose cheerfully for an instagram photo? What if adversity and struggle is what leads to true success? (hint: it does).

When I say my primary core value is authenticity, I really mean that. I'm so very bored by fraudulent personas. This doesn't mean you have to have some miserable life, either; there are authentic happy people in this world. I recently met up with my old friend Andy and I consider him one of those people.

There's a sense sometimes in this modern social media driven era that you don't really know anyone. This is why, as old school as it sounds, I just want to meet up with people face-to-face. We can zoom if you want, too- but let's get beyond the pleasantries.

I just want the real-real, you know?

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