waters rising

You know when you're watching a movie and the lead characters do something unnecessarily reckless? Like, risk their lives out of sheer curiosity? Or how about when you hear stories about a stubborn old fool who refused to leave his house despite plenty of warning that an emergency situation is incoming?

Enter yours truly! Today we received several warnings about an impending flood where we live. So I encouraged my family to evacuate, which was recommended by said alerts. We quickly pack up and drive away from the potentially affected area, only for my parents an hour later to have a change of heart and decide to come back home, just because they want to.

And who won't let their elderly parents go into a flood zone by themselves? This guy. So we're just kinda chillin' here. Waiting for whatever is to happen to happen. Nbd.

So yeah, I can relate to idiot guy in the movies now. My head hurts. Wish us luck.

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