Where are all the good people?

“Why would someone #disconnect socially? There must be something wrong with them.”

I know this is how people see the decisions I've made. The thing is: now that I am on the right brain-meds and I'm thinking clearly, I still know that I've done the correct thing with social media. There are so many reasons to disconnect from big #social; mental health, facebook's dirty ways, #toxic minds spewing hatred and nonsense all day. #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Snapchat, #TikTok, it's all toxic as fuck. Every single one of them panders to the highest bidder and stores/sells your personal data with the purpose of manipulating you.

Manipulate how? Primarily to spend your hard earned pennies on shit you don't need. Secondly to force you to think and act like they want you to. And it's working! Kind, loving, good people have turned into these hateful monstrocities. I strongly dislike the same people I used to adore. And it breaks my heart that we are all so stupid and weak. I say we because it took way too long for me to snap out of it myself.

I only hope there's some reasonable people out there who will one day get to know me. I miss having good #people in my life.

“Monopolised, centralized social media is a monoculture where mind viruses can spread unchecked.” –@rysiek@mastodon.social

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