find your heart and hope for better days

We're nearly halfway through 2022. There's plenty to say, but I'd say in general things are on the up n' up. There has been some down points this year for sure. We lost my grandma (Gammy). There's been a few other trials. What's nice is I seem to be emotionally handling things better than before. Huge win for me.

I just spent the weekend with some friends. We rented an airbnb and went to a sold-out show at El Corazon in Seattle. This was a nice step for me to get out into the real world again. The few days away from home really helped my brain. I don't know why but I always need to get away for clarity and peace of mind. I need to remember this truth about myself.


In 2016 my life completely changed. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was a terrifying time. Unfortunately for me, the tragedies had only begun. My life was swept up in a whirlwind of misfortune. Just as Job suffered, my family and I suffered. Loss, illness, broken relationships, abuse, legal battles; it's been a nightmare..

An introdution occurred through a mutual friend shortly after my DX. She was somebody around my age who had a more severe case of MS than mine; nevertheless greeted me online with warmth and acceptance. She had been struggling with secondary progressive MS, and had words of encouragement for me. When I met her in person, she was in-patient at Swedish in Seattle, Washington.


My tagline. What's it about? Quite simply, it's from a song by an old local band called A Hope For Home.

We're running with rusty gears, we're breaking down Please, don't let this die. We only have so long in this life So find your heart and hope for better days


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